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Service Update COVID-19

Participate Tasmania Incorporated

Service Delivery Update (COVID-19)

26th March 2020

Thank you for making your upcoming appointment with Participate Tasmania.

Participate Tasmania Incorporated is a new allied health organisation. Central to its inception has been a want to deliver allied health services in an ethical, effective and empathetic manner. We hope we’ve already started to demonstrate that we can do this.

We also acknowledge that while important, our face to face services are not always essential, and so while the Federal Government have reiterated that we are able to continue operating, we do not believe we should continue on a business as usual basis in the current environment. This decision is based on an honest appraisal of what is essential for your health, and what is the responsible action to take for the community at large.

Our community will need a great deal of support over the coming months, and while this decision obviously has implications for us, we are determined to be here to help provide this support.

Can you therefore please consider the following in relation to your upcoming appointment and notify us of your decision at

  1. Could your consultation be held over telehealth?

This is a surprisingly effective format for consultations involving new or follow up assessments; advice and education; and exercise prescription or progression.

You are sent a link and can use your phone, laptop or PC.

  • If telehealth is not appropriate, please consider if your appointment is essential.

If not, we are asking you to cancel your appointment.

  • If you feel your face to face appointment is essential, we ask that you ensure you are feeling well, attend with no more than one chaperone and adhere to all our hygiene measures on arriving.
  • Please note that we are currently not offering any face to face appointments beyond April 9th until public policy is able to determine the ongoing community risk and all new appointments will now only be delivered via telehealth.

Thank you for your support and understanding. We look forward to being able to continue to provide the ethical, effective and empathetic allied health services that we are committed to.